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Since our inception in 2009, we have experienced a great flux of random inquiries. Keeping in view, the experience and general interest of the inquiries, we have tried to devise a modern but simple BLOG that collates a few but pertinent basic information relating to UK Visas and Immigration.  So, Free Consultations – UK Visas, Immigration, Refusals is just an effort to provide information to a general inquiry. So a general inquiry can read through our Posts and Forums for having some basic information about UK Visas and Immigration. If someone likes to contribute on our Blog, then he/she can also sign-in for a Free Membership.

For specific case discussion such as Refusals and Immigration related inquiries, there is an option to make an Online Appointment for FREE Consultations with one of our experts.

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The Demand For UK Visas, Immigration and Settlement

United Kingdom (UK) has been one of the favorite destination for a great majority of Pakistani. There are several reasons behind this affinity towards either visiting or permanent settlement in UK.

Pakistani British Creating Demand for UK Family Visitor Visas and Settlement

According to latest estimates there are 1.17 million Pakistani British living in the UK. So this creates a huge demand for Family Visitor Visas and that for Settlement. However, with the tightening of the immigration laws a great number of such Visa Applications have been refused and the Applicants and their Families and Sponsors are greatly looking for Expert Visa and Immigration Services.

Trade Relation with Briton and the Demand for UK Visitor Visas, Immigration Tier-1 Entrepreneur

Since Pakistan and Britain are historically trade partners, therefore, a great many of Pakistan businesses are either exporting or importing goods and services from UK. This not only creates a constant demand for Business Visitor Visas; however, also leads to creation of Demand for UK Business Immigration i.e. Tier-1 Entrepreneur.

Summer Holidays and the Demand for General Visitor Visas

In summers a great majority of Pakistanis want to visit UK for recreational and sight seeing purpose. Although people also go to other Western European countries and that of North America; however, due to the special status of UK and London the demand for UK General Visitor Visa is on a higher side viz-a-viz the other competing countries.

UK Visas, Immigration: Refusals

Keeping in view the external factors such as security and internal factors such as tightening of immigration laws and their implementation, development of information technology and weak documentation in Pakistan’s economy this trend is likely to continue. Accordingly, the Applicants have become more conscious of refusals and in a great many cases have postponed their decision. Although, postponing a visa application could be a good strategy; however, it is not a solution. Perhaps the best solution is to have a better understanding of the Laws, Rules, Procedures of UK Visas and Immigration so as to submit a well thought-out visa Application as the onus of proof is on the Applicant and the case is decided on the balance of probability. Therefore, a well documented application/representation has a better chance to be successful during the evaluation process. Moreover, if such an Application is rejected than there is a better chance of success through challenging the initial decision.

Accordingly, it is highly recommended that the Applicant should have a good understanding of the Application Procedure and before submitting the documents. So if you have in the past applied for UK Visitor Visa or any other type of UK Visa and intend to either resubmit your Visa Application or challenge the initial decision then you may Book a Appointment for a FREE Consultation with one of our experts.

Free Consultations and Online Appointment Booking System

A large number of such high-net worth and respectable citizens of Pakistan get visa refusals in abundance by the passage of time. Although there are several conspiracy theories always roaming around for the reasons of the visa refusals; however, the real reason is the lack of proper documentation and representation. Moreover, the applicants generally have a little idea about the post-refusal legal procedure and recourse available. Accordingly, most of the people after refusal neither Challenge the Original Decision nor resubmit Visa Application. Moreover, in case of Visitor Visa Refusals, people after getting their first refusal do resubmit their visa applications; however, only a few gets a favorable decision.

So, if you are either planning to immigrate to UK as a Businessperson/Investor under Tier-1 Entrepreneur or seeking an entry in UK as a genuine General, Family and Business Visitor then it is highly advised that you should contact us before submitting an application. Our initially consultation is 100% Free for genuine inquiries. You can book an Online Appointments for UK Visas, Immigration, Settlement, Refusals for either in Pakistan and UK.

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You can always know all the latest about UK Visas and Immigration from the official website of Her Majesty’s Government at UK Visas & Immigration

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