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SilverLining Consultants – Expert Advice UK Visa, Immigration, Refusal, Judicial Review, Appeal


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Since our inception in 2009, we have experienced a great flux of random inquiries relating to all sorts of matters concerning UK Visas & Immigration. The inquiries have been quite diverse. However, two types of inquiries have been quite frequent. The first are those who have been refused a Visa at-least once. Second type of inquiries are the ones who intend to proceed to United Kingdom through Business Immigration i.e. Tier-1 Entrepreneur.

Keeping in view, the experience and general interest of the inquiries, we have tried to devise a modern but simple BLOG. It collates a few but pertinent basic information relating to Visa, Immigration, and Refusal.

Now you can online book your Free Consultations for UK Visa, Immigration, Refusal in Karachi and London. You just need to Book your online appointment either in Karachi or London with one of our Experts. It is advised that you may bring the relevant documents at the scheduled appointment time. Inquiries not bringing in the requisite documents may not be entertained properly. We can’t give our opinion/advice without referring to your documents.

You can also browse through latest information on our Blog. You can also visit the official website of UK Government to find the latest about UK Visa.

A general inquiry can read through our Posts and Forums for having some basic information about Visa, Immigration and Refusal. If someone likes to contribute on our Blog, then he/she can also sign-in for a Free Membership.