Visa Appeals

With many years of experience in AIT hearings and management of successful appeals Silver Lining can offer you the best advise you on legal procedures, prognosis and will manage your case on your behalf. The UK appeals system can prove to be difficult to understand which can often make it confusing to know what to do next. We have a lot of experience in managing appeals successfully. From reconsiderations to overturning a High Court judgment, we can ensure that your appeal is given the best chance for success.

We can offer you a service that fits your needs as a client. If you require full legal representation from the outset, we will;

  • Manage the entire appeal process for you
  • Prepare the paperwork and court bundles
  • Arrange for a barrister to attend on your behalf.

If you have already submitted grounds of appeal and need a barrister to attend the AIT hearing with you, we can still help.

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