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SilverLining Consultants – UK Visa Consultants.

Since our inception in 2008, we have experienced a great flux of random inquiries. The inquiries have been quite diverse and relate to all sorts of matters concerning UK Visas & Immigration – Family Visit Visa, Business Visit Visa, General Tourist Visit Visa, Tier-1 Entrepreneur (Business Immigration), Spouse Settlement, Appeals, Administrative Reviews, Judicial Reviews.

Popular Inquiries for UK Visa Consultants.

However, two types of inquiries have been quite frequent. The first type of inquiries relate to UK Visit Visa Refusals relating to Family Visit Visa. General Tourist Visit Visa and Business Visitor Visa. The second type of inquiries relate to Tier-1 Entrepreneur Immigration as a number of Pakistani Businesspersons intends to operate a business in the UK.

Expert Advice UK Visa & Immigration – Blog Posts.

Keeping in view, the general interest, one may find information relating to UK Visa, Immigration and Refusals on our blog.

To read our latest posts please go to Expert Advice UK Visa.

You can find posts relating to Documents Required for UK Visa, UK Visa Processing Time etc. at UK Visa. However, for knowing the details of UK Visit Visa, please go to: UK Visit Visa.

To read our posts relating to UK under Tier-1 please visit: UK Immigration Tier 1 for necessary details. Moreover, those who are interested in working in UK, may find some relevant details at: UK Work Permit Tier 2.

Lastly, we have devised a special section for addressing the general issues relating to UK Visa Refusal, which you may find at: UK Visa Refusals.

UK Visa Refusal – Further Information.

We suggest you to visit UK Visa Refusal – General Grounds for further reading about UK Visa Application refusals under General Grounds (paragraph 320 ban) or for visitors, refusal under Appendix V of the Immigration Rules.

You can also visit the official website of UK Government to find the latest about UK Visa.

Contact Details – UK Visa Consultants

A serious – case specific – inquiry can schedule a meeting with UK Visa Consultants in Karachi and London.

For appointment an inquiry may bring the relevant documents such as.:

  • Refusal Letter.
  • Travel Documents.
  • Business and Professional Documents.
  • Bank Statements.
  • Any other relevant/appropriate document.

In case the inquiry does not bring the requisite/pertinent documents then it will not be possible to entertain the query. Accordingly, we can’t give our opinion/advice without referring to your documents.

To know the Appointment Procedure for discussing your case please go to Contact UK Visa & Immigration Consultants (Please note: general information seeking inquiries are not entertained and SilverLining Consultants reserves the right of admission. Moreover, third party inquiries may also not entertained such as son discussing case of parent’s refusal).

For further information and professional case processing visit UK Visa Blog