Documents Checklist UK Visit Visa.

Please note that there is no single specific list of documents prescribed for UK Visit Visa. Different types of documents are required for different purposes of visitor visas.

This ‘Documents Checklist UK Visit Visa’ is to give a general guidance to an applicant. It is not a list of documents that one has to provide but an indication of the types of documents that are commonly submitted.

Indicative Documents Checklist UK Visit Visa is as under:

  • Valid passport or travel document.
  • Number of passports submitted.
  • One recent photograph as per UKVI’s guidelines.
  • Evidence of the applicant’s permission to be in the country where he/she is applying, if he/she is not a national of that country.


  • Evidence of arrangements made. Such as: tour details/flight details/letter of invitation/evidence of sponsors immigration status in the UK.


  • Evidence of the employment and all income stated on application form. Such as: letter from employer / pay slips / tax returns / business registration documents / business bank account statements.
  • Evidence of being in education (where applicable).
  • Evidence of qualifications obtained.


  • Evidence of the monthly income stated on application form. Such as: Bank statements / bank books / bank letter / balance certificate / tax returns / crop receipts.
  • Evidence of ability to meet costs of trip, as stated on application form. Such as: The bank statements of the person paying for the trip.


  • Evidence of assets like property or land. Such as:
    • property deed.
    • mortgage statements.
    • tenancy agreements.
    • accountant’s letters.
    • land registration documents.
  • Evidence of UK accommodation and travel details. Such as:
    • hotel booking confirmation.
    • travel booking confirmation.
    • travel agent confirmation.
    • sponsor accommodation details.


  • Evidence of your marital status, such as: marriage certificate / civil partnership certificate / divorce certificate / death certificate.
  • Evidence of family members remaining in your home country whilst you travel.
  • Any other documentation that the applicant deemed appropriate to disclose with the UK Visit Visa Application.

For further guidance please visit UK Visas & Immigration