Tier 1 Entrepreneur Invested Funds

This post explains the details of Tier-1 Entrepreneur invested funds.

If the applicant has already invested the required level of funds in a legally established business in the UK, they can use this investment to claim points if it satisfies the requirements. If all of the money needed is invested, all of the points needed for attributes can be awarded.

The investment must be a fresh investment. This means that it must be made in the 12 calendar months before the date of application {or 24 months if the applicant last had leave as a Tier 1 (Graduate entrepreneur) migrant}.

Any investment made more than 12 months before the application cannot be counted, unless the applicant last had leave as a Tier 1 (Graduate entrepreneur) migrant, where it can be accepted up to 24 months.

Those who apply under this provision need to show that the funds were invested in a UK business and that they are registered as self-employed or as the director of the business the funds are invested in.

If they have moved on to other activities and are no longer involved in the business they initially invested in, they must still provide the evidence to show they have invested enough money in a UK business.

The amount of money invested (under Tier 1 Entrepreneur Invested Funds) must not:

  • include the value of any residential accommodation or property development, or property management
  • be in the form of a director’s loan, unless it is unsecured and is subordinated in favour of the third-party creditors

If the applicants have bought property for the business, which includes residential accommodation, the value of the residential part of the property cannot be accepted as investment in the business. The value of this part of the property would be deducted from the amount of the investment.

The applicant must provide an estimate of the value of this living accommodation from a surveyor who is a member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). It must be dated within the 3 months before the date of application. For more information on membership of RICS, see related link.