Tier-1 Visa Requirements

This post highlights a sample inquiry relating to Tier-1 Visa Requirements.

The enquirer wrote:

“I am Muhammad Ahmed Ali and want to apply for UK- Tier-1 Entrepreneur Visa. I want to know the complete details relating to Tier-1 Visa Requirements, procedure, eligibility criteria, and processing time. Kindly provide me full details regarding it.”

In reply to the enquiry, our Barrister Sheryar, Senior Legal Adviser, Farani Javid Taylor Solicitors LLP London, advised:

“Thank you for your email. Our Karachi Office has referred it to me. The tier 1 entrepreneur category is meant to be a points based application but unfortunately it isn’t really assessed as one and there are a lot of subjective elements to it like your own personal academic background, experience, business plan so on.

In simple words and as a starting point you should have £ 200,000 available to you to invest in the UK. However, the investment doesn’t permit investment in real estate.

Let me know if you have these funds available to you and I can then guide you on further requirements and our fee for these applications.

In the meantime, you can read the Tier-1 Entrepreneur Guidance which explains the basic and detailed criteria relating to the objective criteria: Entrepreneurial Funds, Letter from the Regulated Financial Institutions, Third Party Funding, Entrepreneurial Teams, Maintenance Funds, English Language requirements, initial application, extension and indefinite status.

Moreover, it will also guide you regarding the immigration of your dependant spouse and dependant children under Tier-1 Entrepreneur.

I think it is a better idea that you should go through the Tier-1 Entrepreneur Guidance in details so as to know the Tier-1 Visa Requirements. Please note that it is up to an applicant to fulfill the Tier-1 Visa Requirements; however, we can guide an applicant in the light of the Tier-1 Policy, Procedure and Guidance.

Thanks for your inquiry.”

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