UK Immigration Consultants Karachi & London | Contact Details

UK Immigration Consultants Karachi & London – Contact Details

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UK Immigration Consultants – Services.

UK Visitor Visa.

  • Family Visitor visa.
  • General Visitor visa.
  • Child Visitor visa.
  • Business Visitor visa, including visas for academics, doctors and dentists.
  • Sports Visitor visa.
  • Entertainer Visitor visa.
  • Prospective Entrepreneur visa.
  • Private Medical Treatment Visitor visa.
  • Approved Destination Status visa.

UK Immigration for High Value Migrants.

  • Business Immigration UK Tier-1 Entrepreneur.
  • Immigration for High Net worth Individuals UK Tier-1 Investor.
  • Tier-1 Exceptional Talent.

Additional Services – UK Immigration Consultants.

  • UK Spouse Settlement.
  • Administrative Review.
  • Judicial Review.
  • Appeal.

UK Visa Refusal

It is better to bring copy of refusal and documents at the scheduled time of consultation rather than not bringing them. It is advisable to note that we deal in all sorts of UK Visa Refusals.

Like to Re-apply after one or more UK Visa Refusal

If you intend to re-apply after your visit visa refusal then bring in all the details of previous application(s). Apparently, we have been contacted by inquiries having multiple refusals- accumulated over a passage of time. Don’t worry if you have up-to 3-5 refusals or even more!

UK Tier-1 Immigration

Most of all, if you are a businessperson and intending to apply for the UK business immigration Tier-1 Entrepreneur then please go ahead with your plans. We would be glad to assist you.

Fresh Visitor Visa Application

If you are applying for Visit Visa to UK for the First Time then please try to know the Procedure before submitting an application. Please note: we are not entertaining general and aimless inquiries.

Further Information

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